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For C language developer, Sublime text 3 may not be the best ide, but it's excellent.

  • lightweight – the install package size is only about 10MB, after installing, you will get a simple Windows with powerful functions.
  • powerful – so much useful packages can be install by package controller.

Eclipse is a useful and popular IDE, the most time I use to coding.

As you know, the function “goto definition” influence the coding efficiency.
And there is some different between the function of sublime text 3 and eclise's.

For Sublime text 3, when goto a micro definition with several definitions, it will show all the values, without judging.
The result is as follows:

If it's eclipse, it would goto the only right definition, and masking the invalid micro definitions.

The Sublime Text 3 need to buy a license to enable it.
In addition, some packages may need another payment to enable.

For eclipse, it's open source, almost all packages are free to use.

Both the two ide are support various configurations.
The configurations of Sublime Text 3 are text-style, e.g., the key-binding configuration:

And the Eclipse's configurations are base on layout windows:

In my opinion, Sublime Text 3's configuration is more flexible than the eclipse, but is also more difficult to use than the Eclipse.

Notepad++ is a free, powerful and extensible source code editor.
And it's the necessary software for my PC.

Notepad++ is a replacement of Windows default text editor, with source code highlight and extensible packages, e.g., vim-like keybinding, which is wonderful.

And Sublime Text 3 is also support, and more powerful.

Sublime Text 3 would index all files, can goto definition, however notepad++ cann't.

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